WynnMill Rentals is your locally owned and operated towable light tower and generator rental company in the Sacramento, CA area.  Our specialty is providing the best price and customer service for Nonprofits-501(c)(3), athletic fields, festivals, weddings and events. WynnMill Rentals also provides light tower and generator rentals for construction sites, parking lots and power outages. 




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Standard Rental Rate for 1 Light Unit


Daily Rate - $80.00

Weekly Rate - $240.00

Monthly Rate - $650.00

Delivery/Pickup - $50.00(EA)

Fuel – Current Market Rate + $2.50 per gallon of fuel


* We pay the sale tax

* Other fees apply

* Contractors call for pricing


Please call for a free site evaluation and a free quote.


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Light Tower - Generator Rental

 Sports Field Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting
Event Lighting

WynnMill Rentals is Northern California's premier towable light tower rental company in the Greater Sacramento Area. In fact, it's all we do! In today's busy world not everything happens before the sun goes down. Towable light towers are "Daylight 4 Rent" and WMR has you covered. They are a great way to extend daylight hours so you can fit in all of those youth league, adult and high school sporting events. Call on WynnMill Rentals to illuminate all of your special events or your long/short term lighting demands. We are a full service provider and we carry a full line of quality light towers to meet all of your "Daylight 4 Rent" needs. 

Please call 916.397.1253 408.623.3972 or email WynnMill Rentals at daylight4rent@wynnmill.com to discuss your towable light tower and generator needs. Contact us to receive a free quote. We will work hard to provide you with great service at a very affordable price!


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WMR Story

Johnny Wynn was serving as a board member for the Christian Brothers Junior Football program in 2014 when he learned of the huge cost of lighting fields for practice.  He was floored at the $10,000 price tag for this small not for profit that was providing a service to its community and doing their best to keep fees for the young athletes reasonable.  He was certain, after 20+ years of construction management experience, there had to be a way to keep the cost for field light rental affordable.

His head full of ideas, Johnny approached his long time friend and colleague Luke Miller who also has over 20 years of heavy engineering and construction management experience.  Using their industry experience to their advantage Johnny and Luke embarked upon more than a year's worth of research to make their ideas become a reality.  They discovered that they could in fact purchase towable light towers themselves and rent them to the junior football programs at a far more reasonable price point.  Furthermore they realized that there is a huge demand in our temperate climate of Northern California to extend daylight hours for a multitude of reasons all four seasons of the year.


So, in the fall of 2018 with a loan and a single client Johnny and Luke purchased (7) towable light towers and WynnMill Rentals was born. WMR has since quickly expanded due to the high demand of extending daylight hours for many other non-profit athletic programs, construction sites, festivals and event venues. WynnMill Rentals is a small locally owned business that provides quality equipment and outstanding customer service at an affordable price. Please call or email us for your free site evaluation and free quote. We promise, you won’t regret it! #DAYLIGHT4RENT

Johnny Wynn and Luke Miller, owners and operators


Light Towers for Rent

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*Generac MK6S-Diesel Pwr-39 Gal

*23 Ft Tower Height

*60 Hr Run Time

*6KW Generator (50 AMP)

*Allmand Night Light-Pro II-Diesel Pwr-30 Gal

*26 Ft Tower Height

*50 Hr Run Time

*5KW Generator (30 AMP)

Make WynnMill Rentals your go to rental choice for quality and affordable light towers. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rental options. Contact WMR at daylight4rent@wynnmill.com to discuss your lighting needs or upcoming events so we can assure you get the equipment you need at a highly competitive price. We are a full service towable light tower and generator rental company that will work hard to provide you with excellent customer service as well as reliable equipment at an affordable price. 

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For all inquiries or questions please call or email us @

Johnny Wynn (916) 397.1253

Luke Miller (408) 623.3972


Business Address

Sacramento, CA 95831

Wheatland, CA 95692


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